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classification audit

Classification Audit is a type of audit in which the processes of working in a specific organization are examined. Through this audit, the evaluation of the way in which certain tasks are performed is examined. Moreover, their compliance with the defined standards is also examined. Classification audit is a review of the duties and responsibilities comprising a position.


  • The classification requirement will be imposed on existing engineering companies the next time the company’s Abu Dhabi/Dubai professional license comes up for renewal.
  • Companies established in the future will have one year from the date of initial licensing to meet the classification requirement.
  • Contractors are classified into categories of Special, First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth.
  • Each category requires that a level of threshold criteria are met, specification the number of Engineers that must be employed directly on that Company, the number of years experience that these Engineers have, together with ISO accreditation and suitable support staff (in some cases).