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Assistance in VAT Audit & TAX Agent Services

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    Assistance in VAT Audit & TAX Agent Services

    assistance in vat audit

    Assistance in VAT Audit

    • A procedure undertaken by the Authority to inspect the commercial records or any information or data related to a Person conducting Business. With prior notice inform at least 5 business days prior to the Tax Audit. Any Person subject to a Tax Audit, his Tax Agent or Legal Representative shall facilitate and offer assistance to the Tax Auditor to enable him to perform his duties. While conducting a Tax Audit, the Tax Auditor may obtain the original records or copies thereof, or take samples of the stock, equipment or other assets from the place at which the Person subject to the Tax Audit conducts his business or which are in his possession, or may seize them in accordance with the rules.


    TAX Agent Services

    • A tax agent is usually appointed on behalf of another person to represent him before the Federal tax authority. A tax agent takes care of the client’s tax obligations and performs various legal activities prescribed by the law.


    • Vision Tax Consultancy, an approved tax agency in UAE, acts as a mediator between Federal Tax Authority and taxable persons. We represent your firm as a taxable body in front of the FTA. Our expert make it point to continuously update themselves about the legal changes, so as to eliminate the possibility of penalty on noncompliance of the new provisions.


    • A tax agent saves your time and effort, letting you concentrate on other major areas of your business.